Place the sink upside down in the position where it is to he installed, and trace the outline of
the sink on the counter top with pencil.

Draw another line 10 mm inside the first line. Cut a hole in the counter top following this
second, inner, line. (-If a pattern is included in the package, then use it to cut the hole in the
counter top.)

Adhere the sealing tape around the under side of the edge of sink, starting not at a corner,

but any other random spot. Ensure that the tape is sealed smoothly at the bottom of the rim
between the clip rail and the edge of the perimeter of the sink. In case that the packaging
includes a spongy sealiing tape, adhere the tape closer to the edge of the sink, being careful
not to overhang it.

Place the fixing clips evenly space around the perimeter of the sink. And pull them up to lock
into their horizontal position. To place the sink into the work top, push the metallic part of
the clips inward.

These fixing clips are designed to he used counter tops 30-40 mm. If your counter top is
thinner, insert wooden wedges between the counter top and the clips so as to secure the.

Use ahand screwdriver to screw partialy the fixing clips by following the order that the drawing
indicates. When all the clips have been relatively secured in place, repeat the procedure by
tightening completely each fixing clip.